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About 8BitRam.dev

Designed and developed alongside my other projects throughout 2022, mainly to experiment with website features and host any other content/apps I create. Currently, the site has content on the home page, hosting links to other content hosting sites like Youtube, Twitch, Github, and more. It also hosts my portfolio to showcase my previous projects and my personal growth over time. These include some of my projects developed during my senior year for my bachelor's degree, and projects I have worked on in the following years.

I will be continuing to work on the site in my free time. Some planned features are a combined content feed (Embeds posts on other sites into a feed in chronological order), a currently in-development section to give a peek into what is next, a future projects section (potentially with a voting system to prioritize the next project), and a combined achievements page to calculate total game completion across different platforms.

This site utilizes HTML5 and CSS3 for constructing the visuals of the site. Functions like the notification feature on the home page and embedding content in the upcoming feed feature will be accomplished with Javascript (JS Library TBD). To provide the site, I am using Firebase's hosting feature. All icon art and pixelated logos were created with the Asesprite image editor. For managing versions, I am utilizing Git Version Control and commiting to GitHub's online repositories.

Last Modified on 10/13/22