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A YouTube Watch History Analysis Tool (aYWHAT) for compiling statistics such as daily video watch count, most repeated videos, monthly breakdowns, and more. By visiting Google Takeout at takeout.google.com, a free tool provided for exporting Google data from many services, you will be able to export your YouTube history data associated with the signed-in Google account.

This program only analyzes the 'watch-history.json' file provided in the YouTube and YouTube Music section. If you would only like to download the file needed for this history analysis, ensure you select only the YouTube section, only include the data labeled 'history', & to edit the format for 'history' to be in JSON format. A more detailed tutorial of the process can be found on this helper page.

Once obtained, upload 'watch-history.json' from your Takeout order using the button below. LazYT will output its analysis in the following PyScript Output section. After completing its first analysis, a form will appear to adjust the view to a month or a date range. It can also modify the data view to show YouTube, YouTube Music, Combined, or all 3 views simultaneously.

For more info on how the script operates and plans for future builds check out LazYT's about page.

PyScript Output:


packages = ["plotly-express", "matplotlib", "pandas", "asyncio"]

Last Modified on 01/04/23