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Here you can explore various projects and review my previous work, supported with screenshots of the project & documentation.

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Joined Dec 2022. Reconfigured for more precision in Feb 2023.


Quick Summary:
A timeline, spanning July of 2023 to June 2024, that overviews the game design mastery journey at Full Sail University (FSU). It also covers steps to publishing an indie title through one of the internal studios at FSU, alongside alternative strategies.
Quick Summary:
Coding challenge issued by a potential client for a startup company, working on creating a web-based game builder. Tasked with 3 different challenges of varying degrees of difficulty to complete in my engine of choice. The target language for the company was ThreeJS, so the project was mostly created using this node module.
Quick Summary:
Final senior project developed for client at WSU. Utilizes HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, & Jest. Version control was managed using WSU's provided Gitlab account (Later transferred to personal GitHub repository). Developed with CI/CD pipeline, with supporting test cases and documentation.
Quick Summary:
Group project to create a 2D bullet-hell game. Worked on enemy bullet sprites, bullet attack patterns, and the scripts for spawning enemies within the game loop. Written with C# & the MonoGame .NET framework using the Visual Studio 2019 IDE. Version control was also managed using WSU's provided Gitlab account.
Quick Summary:
My personal website for hosting my portfolio, experimenting with web apps, & serving as a hub for my online content. Utilizes HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript for site elements and Firebase for hosting. Icons created with Aseprite. Version control is managed with GitHub.
Honorable Mentions:
While none of the projects above utilize the following languages, I have worked with these languages extensively. I have many projects that use C, C++, Python, or some combination of the 3. I have also worked within the MIPS assembly language. For a majority of my projects, I use Git for local version control and am confident with managing branch structures. In recent months, I have honed my skills in Unity and Blender working on my two games in development. Details for these game projects can be found at the In-Dev page.

This is a small sample of the projects I have developed. I will be continuing to update this page as I complete more projects and complete pages on my previous notable work.

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